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Tiny Update #02

👋 everyone,

Hello Again

Just a quick update on progress here at TinyMerch. We’ve been hard at work this past week building out a lot of the nitty-gritty innards that'll make TinyMerch function. Stuff like setting up Firebase functions, generating print files, connecting with APIs, etc, etc. 😴

Anyways, on to a couple of the more exciting aspects of TinyMerch. We'll be spinning up a TinyMerch Blog (Launching next week!) where we’ll be regularly posting updates, along with helpful tips on setting up your store. We’ve also been working on rounding out our Product Catalog for the Hackathon Launch. We’re currently looking to launch with shirts, prints, and digital files. But what are some things you’d like to see? Let us know in the survey below!

Product Example

Another exciting announcement we’d like to share is that TinyMerch will allow sellers to donate their proceeds to charity! With the holidays coming up and many people in need around the world, we created a simple and easy outlet to allow content creators and businesses to donate to select charities with the click of a button. As we finish setting this up, we'd love to hear from you all about which charities you'd wish to see available for donations.

(And for the less benevolent amongst you. . .The answer is yes, our accountant has said this would most likely be deductible.)

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✌️ Best, The TinyMerch Team

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