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Giving Back Made Simplier

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Donating with TinyMerch

When we were building TinyMerch, our goal was to make selling physical products on your website as quick and easy as possible. We wanted the barrier to entry to be nonexistent, anyone with a site could sell merch directly to visitors.

For many people, this creates a revenue stream that requires no effort on their part to maintain or operate. That's an incredibly exciting statement to make, and not many companies get to use a statement like that in their marketing. But there was one piece of advice we received early on that seemed so perfect we couldn't help but try and implement it. That feedback was to add an option to donate profits to charity!

This advice felt like a no-brainer. It allows people to quickly set up a fundraiser and start raising money, not just for themselves, but as a way of helping others.

So to start, we're offering the option to donate profits to ricebowls. An amazing non-profit based in our own beautiful Greenville, SC. Ricebowls works to provide food to orphanges around the world.

We're actively working to add more charities to this list all the time! If there's a charity you'd like to see on this list, let us know, and we'll do our best to continue and expand our options.

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✌️ Best, The TinyMerch Team

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