2017 PH Hackathon

November 30, 2017

👋 everyone,

Meet TinyMerch

Selling physical products comes with a full set of headaches: printing, inventory, overhead, maintenance, shipping and returns. It usually means rebuilding your site or sending customers to a separate platform. . .

Giving Back Made Simplier

November 29, 2017

👋 everyone,

Giving Back

When we were building TinyMerch, our goal was to make selling physical products on your website as quick and easy as possible. We wanted the barrier to entry to be nonexistent, anyone with a site could sell merch directly to visitors. For many people, this creates a revenue stream that requires no effort on their part to maintain or operate. That's an incredibly exciting statement to make, and not many companies get to use a statement like that in their marketing. But there was one piece of advice we received. . .

Tiny Update #02

November 17, 2017

👋 everyone,

Hello Again

Just a quick update on progress here at TinyMerch. We’ve been hard at work this past week building out a lot of the nitty-gritty innards that’ll make TinyMerch function. Stuff like setting up Firebase functions, generating print files, connecting with APIs. . .

Tiny Update #01

November 13, 2017

👋 everyone,

Meet TinyMerch

First off, thanks so much for your interest in TinyMerch! 
Our success is dependent on growing an energetic and 
creative community. We’re excited to share some more 
designs and details of our product with you. Hopefully 
this will get you excited and thinking about. . .